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0% Pat's Place
The worst experience I ever had!!! I waited 10 minutes for drinks and menus. I ordered a large poutine and served fries with a cheese slice on it. My wife's eggs were over cooked and the hash browns were undercooked. When we sent it back we were told to *DEAL WITH IT* to say the least we wont be returning.
Nov 24, 2012
0% Urban Rice
ugly owner - Never go I went to urban rice because I bought coupon from treambuy. The first time I went there, I was told it's saturday and I can't allow to use coupon. The second time I went there, I was greeted by waitress to a seat. When I told them I want to use coupon, the owner refused it and said it's mother's day. When I insist to use coupon as mother's day is not a statutory holiday, the owner kick me out for excuse of that all the seats had been reservation. Wait!!! I was seated and had menu in my hand. With such an unethical business practices, I would doubt their food quality. Can you trust them? Do they use recycle oil to cut cost?
Oct 08, 2012
17% Mykonos Greek Restaurant & Lo
My boyfriend and I ordered take out from this place on a Monday night, it took 2 HOURS to arrive! In addition, my boyfriend ordered the appetizer combo and woke up in the night with terrible food poisoning. It was not pretty. I would not recommend this place.
Jul 16, 2012
100% Glenmore Delicatessen
the best sandwich i have ever ate!!!!
Jul 12, 2012
50% Supreme Pizza Ltd
its great pizza in town
May 07, 2012
100% Rita Sandwiches & Catering
Excellent place for garden salads. Everything is top notch at rita's
Apr 04, 2012
60% Sophies Pizza
This pizza is expensive but dont be scared. 10 inch special pizza cost me $20 but it was quite good. Far better value in this expensive pizza if you ask me. I dont care for cheap, I care for quality and you will find it here.
Oct 01, 2011
44% Mother's Pizza
Its simple pizza, price is cheap but you get what you pay for. Would rather spend more money and walk across ths street to Western Pizza and get what seems like 5 times the toppings.
Oct 01, 2011
46% Western Deep Dish Pizza
Food was decent but the thing that turned me off was finding out there was vegetable shortening in their crust.
Oct 01, 2011
100% Pizza Time
The food is phenominal and the service is impeccable.
Mar 18, 2011