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99% Primo Donairs & Subs
simply the best in edmonton, made right
Jul 21, 2012
87% Campus Pizza
This is a hidden secret in the community, campus pizza is always amazing. The Subs are FANTASTIC. Go try one!
Jun 09, 2012
100% Classic Corner Pizza Donair & Burger
Great food, and the service was truly a nice surprise. Donair was excellent and very filling. The pizza was awsome and loaded with toppings for a reasonable price. I will continue to go there for all the good reasons above.
Jun 08, 2012
100% Mona's Pizza & Donair
waw best pizza best donair all over edmonton keep the good job up
May 04, 2012
90% Campus Pizza
Amazing! I recommend it!
May 04, 2012
80% Versato's Pizza
Great pizza, no atmosphere...
Mar 22, 2012
91% Happy Garden Restaurant
Very Reasonable Priced Food. Very Delicious!!! Definitely a Place To Order Your Chinese Food!!
Mar 17, 2012
100% Tippy's Tasty Lunch
Best f'ing place ever
Jan 18, 2012
0% Pizza Express
Disgusting!! It took us 2 hours to get our order. When it finally came the lettuce on the donairs was brown and rotting. The donair sauce had gone bad as well. We tried to call back several times and when we finally spoke to a manager we were yelled at and told the bad food was our fault and that they dealt with \"our kind\" all the time. It was a horrible experience that cost us $36.00.
Sep 17, 2010
100% B's Diner
An experience to be remembered and will be back again and again!. The staff is friendly as with the regulars and even gives you a good chuckle. The meals were large and inexpensive. I will most diffidently be back!
Sep 08, 2010