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Atlas Pizza
1196 Torbay Rd
Torbay, NL

(709) 437-2399

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0% Its time Atlas Pizza get with the program and offer debit to their customers. Instead they have a handy ATM that spits out cash for a fee. 1.75 actually + 1.50 from the bank for using a shared banking machine and my 20.00 just cost me 23.25. Which will be the last cent I spend there. Even Tim Horton's takes debit now. Not to mention the food wasnt the freshest either and the young people that answer the phones and take orders are inexpirenced. They do not repeat back the order and often mumbled. Save yourself the banking fees and order pizza ANYWHERE else. These people do not deserve my money Sep 04, 2012

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AddressAtlas Pizza
1196 Torbay Rd
Torbay, NL
Phone(709) 437-2399
Rating Pending more votes
UpdatedNov 17th, 2003

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