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Authentic Thai Cuisine

Champa Thai
193 King Edward Ave
Ottawa, ON

(613) 321-4122

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Reviews of Champa Thai

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99% i really love great Thai food and this service is friendly . i'll be come back, Sure *** May 06, 2012
100% Im a stoner i know good food, This is some good s***, Tottally awesome food, AWESOME Feb 05, 2012
96% hands down my favourite place to pickup thai food, the people there are very friendly. everything i order from there is amazing. the atmosphere could be better but when i go there its all about good food Jan 30, 2012
93% I was a little skeptical of Champa Thai at first given the odd location and somewhat ramshackle exterior, but after having sampled their food last night for take out (and devouring the left overs for lunch today) Champa has quickly become my all-time favourite Thai restaurant in Ottawa. The food is delicious, the portions huge and the prices very, very reasonable. In short, one of the best Thai take out restaurants in Ottawa! Oct 27, 2011
100% We found Champa Thai by chance, but were blown away by the delightful, friendly service, the beautifully prepared food, and the enormous portion sizes. The price is very reasonable, and it's excellent value for the money. In fact, I'm eating last night's leftovers at my desk as I type this review, and enjoying them very much. Jul 25, 2011
89% Excellent food. The menu is new on Feb. 1 2010. We always get takeout. Fast, friendly service. good sized portions. Jul 02, 2011
84% Our family's favourite take out place. Absolutely delicious! Jun 01, 2011
50% each time i call they refuse to deliver to the maitland area.. what does it take to get some good service around here. May 14, 2011
50% Not a place you sit down and eat at, but this place is really good, perfect for delivery or take out especially in the marked area! Mar 28, 2011
82% Great Food! I mean the family is actually from Thailand vs. Somebody learning how to cook Thai food these people grew up on the wonderful flavours. This place is basically a take out place with only a couple of chairs inside.....sooo good! Jan 11, 2011

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AddressChampa Thai
193 King Edward Ave
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 321-4122
Rating 100% 4 votes
UpdatedSep 3rd, 2002