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Golden Palace
2195 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON

(613) 820-8444

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93% Everything tasted fabulous. Service fantastic, everything we needed or wanted was right there for us and the staff was great. Heaping portions, we even had a couple helpings to bring home. We'll definitely be back. I just wish there was delivery, because I'm craving eggrolls. Jun 02, 2011
2% Top ten reasons I will never dine at Golden Palace again: 1) Crappy food. 2) Rude service. 3) Long wait. 4) Bad location. 5) Ridiculously high prices. 6) Dirty atmosphere (place looked as though it hadn't been cleaned in decades). 7) Lots of 'tude. 8) No delivery. 9) Skimpy portions. 10) Sick the next day. Why would ANYONE in their right mind ever eat here a second time? I'd also heard all the hype about this place, and especially their eggrolls. All I am left asking is, what are you guys smoking? Everything tasted like it was from a discount mall food court, except not quite as good, but at twenty times the price. Yes, even the famous eggrolls aren't that great. Terribly greasy and stuffed full of cut-rate ingredients. I just don't get it. Still shaking my head at all the people who seem to think this is an amazing dining experience. Only amazing thing is how much it sucked. Sep 03, 2010
100% Best Egg rolls in town! Jul 11, 2010

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2 out of 2 visitors would eat here again

AddressGolden Palace
2195 Carling Avenue
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 820-8444
Rating 100% 2 votes
UpdatedJun 23rd, 1999