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80% Toy Sun Restaurant
Pretty good Chinese. Great portion sizes for what you pay. I've heard the main chef used to work at Plaza restaurant, which is a great spot.
Nov 19, 2012
100% Candy's Fried Chicken
Candys is by far the best chicken! Everybody I know loves it and can't resist. Once you eat candys you'll never eat anything else
Aug 06, 2012
90% Magic Thailand Restaurant
Excellent thai curries! Some of the other dishes just ok, but i go for the red/green/matsaman curries.
Jul 04, 2012
90% Komodo Chinese Restaurant
Excellent food, Excellent Price, Inside of the restaurant doesn't look like much, but for take out or delivery it's #1.
Jun 30, 2012
100% Vientiane Restaurant
great food, try the red curry pat phet it is amazing bamboo shoots, coconut milk, carrot, celery, red or green curry and you can choose your level of spicyness 1-100
Jun 03, 2011
100% Royal Pizza
Delicious Pizza Everytime!!!!
Mar 03, 2011
8% Quiznos Subs & Salads
Top ten reasons I will never dine at Quiznos on Pembina 1) Rude service. 2) Long wait. 3) Dirty atmosphere (place looked as though it hadn\'t been cleaned in decades). 4) Lots of \'tude. 5) No delivery. 6) Skimpy portions. Why would ANYONE in their right mind ever eat here a second time? I\'d also heard all the hype about this place. All I am left asking is, what are you guys smoking? Everything tasted like it was from a discount mall food court, except not quite as good, but at twenty times the price. I just don\'t get it. Still shaking my head at all the people who seem to think this is an amazing dining experience. Only amazing thing is how much it sucked.
Dec 28, 2010
100% Chianti's
Its good
Nov 10, 2010
100% Quality Pizza
Best #$%^#% pizza i have ever have.
Jul 16, 2010