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Mr Shawarma Restaurant
2555 Baseline Rd
Ottawa, ON

(613) 726-1222

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26% They screwed up my order every time I went here, they put garlic on EVERYTHING when I tell them I don't want it, and they won't even fix it, they just say too bad and make you pay for it... very incompetent/unprofessional/rude staff, I'll gladly take my business somewhere else. Aug 21, 2010
76% Absolutely one of my favorite spots in Ottawa. The food is always fresh, well prepared and they have a fantastic menu. I will continue to visit again and again. Kudos! Jun 15, 2010
38% I've been here a few times because I live in the area, I find the staff very rude. Especially the first time I went. Jun 13, 2010

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AddressMr Shawarma Restaurant
2555 Baseline Rd
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 726-1222
Rating 100% 1 votes
UpdatedAug 11th, 2000