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97% Toshi Japanese Restaurant
Toshi is AMAZING. I order a beef/chicken teriyaki almost every week. Simply the best Japanese food I have ever eaten.
Feb 08, 2012
83% Magnums Pub Inc
i went with six friends for a birthday party.the food is good and the staff very nice.i liked the fact that there were many tv only complaint is with some of the other people in the bar.some of us will be going back;;;
Oct 19, 2011
91% Magnums Pub Inc
nice place ......manager is hot... food good;;;;;;;friday and saturday is really good......however the bouncer looks like he may be in the next batman movie////////////
Oct 17, 2011
89% Sweet Palace Restaurant
Great Food!
Sep 10, 2011
28% Kentucky Fried Chicken
poor service!!! they dont even answer there phone!!!
Jun 16, 2011
100% Potluck Restaurant
Love the food and the service.
May 14, 2011
50% Mr Greek Jr
Not bad
Mar 21, 2011
90% Sweet Palace Restaurant
Great quality and tasting savory food. Not the cheapest place but the extra cost is definitely reflected with quality. On top of a great savory menu there is and endless selection of sweets that would appeal to anyone. This is the only place I go for Indian food in Brampton.
Feb 17, 2011
50% Wong's Restaurant
Wheres the fucking online menu ? come into the electronic age please.... u just lost a customer
Feb 12, 2011
91% New Falafel Garden Restaurant
Amazing food - all homemade. Friendly owners. Very accomodating! A+
Feb 10, 2011