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97% Stir It Up
This place is my all time favourite spot to eat in Brantford! I would reccomend it to anyone and everyone looking for something wholesome to eat!
Jul 09, 2012
67% La Bottega Italian Fine Foods & Delicat
Food is good - service is ok
Jun 05, 2012
50% Pita Pit The
I go to pita pit about once a week and drive the extra distance to pita pit instead of settling for master pita. They have amazing service and are always very clean and friendly. Half the time when I go they know what I want on my pita and know me by name. I highly recommend pita pit to anyone.
Mar 15, 2011
100% Kingswood Restaurant
i love this resturrant
Feb 06, 2011
80% Pizza-Roma
Best pizza ever!!
Dec 26, 2010
12% Ketchabuz
would never be caught dead there again. Clientele is far to be desired. NOT a family place
Nov 21, 2010