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100% Louis' Pizzeria
After buddy's review I'll definitely look somewhere else. Smarten up Louie's pizza employee's!!!
Jan 11, 2013
39% Louis' Pizzeria
it dosent seem clean at all very dirty and smokey and i watch the cashier handle food or the guys in the back wipe their nose on the back of their hands and dive fist first in to your food hand tossing salad and grabbing cheese bare hands after wiping nose and handling money and phone , the people seem very ghetto and jaded not really interested in smiling to the customer and constantly complaining about the phone ringing for orders and their delivery driver has almost run me over (as they dont stop for stop signs ) more then twice , not to mention their drivers are young idiots and even the cashiers will tell you this freely, you get alot of food for your doller but not clean at all i cant remember how many hairs or chunks of fat or bone ive found in chicken poutines or completely un cooked bacon that stretches like cheese on pizza
Jul 15, 2012
90% Olympic Pizza
Every Friday we order.
Jun 29, 2012
34% Pizza Hut
The usual greasy pizza offering
Apr 30, 2012
100% Billy K's Restaurant
good food great value
Sep 09, 2011
50% Billy K's Restaurant
great place
Sep 09, 2011
95% Philos Restaurant
Jan 11, 2011