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0% Fennell Submarine
They are cheap. I was a regular there and forgot to get them to stamp my sub card o the next time i came in i mentioned it and she told me that they would have given me a new card then. THE MORE LESS CALLED ME A LIAR..SCREW THEM. I wont return
Jan 28, 2015
100% Red Rockets
red rockets is good but sucks ass at the same time i ate poo last time i went there and it tasted great but the time before the the large cup of piss tasted awful i love this store and i reccomend you get the combo of a plate of poo, a side of diareah and a large cup of piss
Aug 03, 2012
93% Jade Garden Dining
Jul 20, 2012
50% Queenston Fish & Chips
cannot believe the prices you r charging 22 dollars for 2 pieces of fish and chips. u should be ashamed of yourselves
Jun 14, 2012
86% Bronzie's Place
great place, needs to be bigger
May 10, 2012
83% Jet Cafe
My regular breakfast spot on weekends. A great little find in downtown. Not fancy but good food and great value.
Feb 21, 2012
50% Jet Cafe
Great little spot for breakfast or lunch. Bacon and eggs under $5. Very good value for money and good portion size. Order at the counter and they bring it to your table. Fast friendly service and Seattle\'s Best Coffee. Can\'t beat that. Only complaint is that I found the steak that comes with the steak and eggs a little over-spiced and salty. Next time would ask for it nude instead.
Feb 21, 2012
81% Pagoda Chop Suey House Ltd
the food is good
May 20, 2011
100% Captain Mike's Fish & Chips
Great food. Friendly service
Nov 15, 2010
50% Pho Dav Bo Restaurant
Excellent cheap Vietnamese food in a clean, simple atmosphere. Good menu with English. Superb \'fresh rolls\' especially the vegetarian ones. Great chicken with lemongrass. SCG
Sep 30, 2010