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100% Delmar Restaurant
Always friendly staff, very family appropriate, good menu choices and great prices, have always been clean establishment with every visit. Very nice place to have a filling meal in relaxed atmosphere.
Jan 11, 2013
100% Thai Taste
This is honestly the BEST Thai food I have ever had. Don't let its look deceive you. Their pad thai is absolutely incredible, and the family who run the place are extremely friendly. It's not exactly fast food, but such amazing food needs time to prepare ― and they often throw in a little something extra. Best place EVER.
Nov 26, 2012
100% Piero's Pizzeria
This is in response to the review below, our apologies for your experience this week. Our customers and the service we provide is very important to us and your experience is unacceptable. We were not aware that our phone operator replied to you that way. That is not customarily for our store. Since I do not have a means of contacting you via this website, if you do check this message, please drop us a line on our comments page on our website ( or if you prefer call the store ask to speak with the owner, to be issued a credit as our apology. We value our customers, and being fully happy with your order is priority for us. Piero's PIzza
Jul 18, 2012
50% Piero's Pizzeria
Always pleased with quality of the pizza at Piero\'s, however, today i ordered a pizza for my husband and daughter for a valentine early dinner, when i came home and asked how the food was, expecting thanx and compliments i\'ve been told that one of the pizza is uncooked. i tasted and all the veggies on the pizza were raw, considering that the toppings were bacon,mushroooms, onions and peppers, it was worse then a bad toasted sandwich. i was upset and called the place for an apology, or reason why this happened, i could not have expected the reaction of the lady on the phone, asking me why do i call now 3hrs later, when i asked her if she wants to see how raw was, she start laughing saying she would not eat something someone tried earlier, when i told her it was uncooked, she said nothing happens to people who eat raw vegetables, not even once she did not attempt to apologize or offer to repair the error! i will not order soon from here and is a shame because food is good...
Jul 15, 2012
84% Piero's Pizzeria
Piero's pizza offers uncompromising value for money. Their pizza is far superior to most large brand names, and the price is unbeatable. Any person who doesn't like piero's is a fool.
Jun 20, 2012
100% Zally's Bagels
Love it. love the food. love the service. i recommend it!
May 20, 2012
93% Manna Grill
Delicious Korean cuisine and great value! Also offers other Asian food choices, but their specialty is Korean. Love the Bulgogee, Kimchi, Mandu -- all of it.
May 05, 2012
16% Piero's Pizzeria
I've only ordered delivery from this place. The person I had the last time was completely sketchy,rude,pushy for a tip and tried to barge his way into my house.While I was paying for the pizza he looked like he was casing my house for robbery.Avoid these people.
Nov 14, 2011
10% Piero's Pizzeria
Service is absolutely horrible! Rather than having one or two bad experiences and a dozen or so good ones, it has sadly been the opposite. The majority of staff with exception to one girl are all completely disrespectful, rude, and without apology. Stay away from this place unless you can withstand the abuse.
Oct 15, 2011
74% Imperio Dos Frangos
portuguese bbq chicken and piripiri sauce!!!!
Oct 10, 2011