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100% Sandwich Board The
Можно тут раскидать тучу бессмысленных сообщений? очень надо -) на том берегу ураааллллааааа в реке превращусь в каралы и только для тебя яяя тебяя сотру моря и океаныыыы океаныыы
Nov 21, 2012
40% Master Steaks
So so food. they have cheapened out on the roasted patatoe mix. odd time poor steak cut over all though ill return even if the people behind the counter are cheap and rude.
Sep 20, 2012
0% Luca Pizza
Rude manager sounds like a wise guy on the phone cant be trusted with service or my food. they will not last in business.
Sep 20, 2012
100% Barb's Roti Shop
Barb's roti Shop serves excellent foods,efficient, fast service. I have been a happy customer for about 21 years. This is my favourite w.i restaurant.
Sep 16, 2012
100% Buka Bean and Bagel
Nice place to go and spend time.
May 30, 2012
50% Traditional Fish & Chips
Money well spent
Jan 21, 2012
90% Traditional Fish & Chips
gr8 food
Jan 21, 2012
50% Traditional Fish & Chips
Money well spent
Jan 21, 2012
93% Masamune Japanese Restaurant
I really liked this place because, they have really good lunch menu and combo menu for dinner. The fish was super fresh and good value. Also, I loved their Giant Dragon Roll which has shrimp tempura and crab meat and cucumber inside with different kind of fish on top. if u want your own roll ask them, they will make it just for you.
Oct 21, 2011