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50% Pita Pit
Great food! Great staff! Highly recommended!
Mar 25, 2012
20% Dragon Dynasty Chinese Cuisine
Absolutely the worst experience I've ever had at dim sum was at this restaurant.My cousin and I waited ten minutes to get a number for a table and another ten to actually get a table - at which point we noticed that the guy who tried to cut in front of us in line (same party size) was already seated. The wait staff were terrible and many of them were just standing around and talking. If you interrupt their conversation to ask them something, they'll give you the cold shoulder brush off. That goes for the ladies pushing the carts. Don't bother trying to complain though because the 'man in charge' is even worse. When he noticed how little tip we gave, he made a point to tell us that it was less than customary. We told him that the service and wait staff were terribly rude and he said "if you think the service is so bad, don't come back next time". We went to ask for the next level management which apparently would be the owner and it was at this time that the manager said very rudely "you can complain all you want but my staff makes a living from tips". If that's the case, maybe they should actually work for it and not expect it otherwise they may as well be theives - taking money that they did not earn in any way shape or form. Bad management, bad staff, and food that is better found elsewhere.
Jan 16, 2011
50% Purdy's Restaurant & Pub
the owner is an asshole
Sep 11, 2010