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Whitey's Pizzeria
151 West St
Simcoe, ON

(519) 428-0700

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0% I can't believe how they treat there customers. They dried my chicken out and the fries were cold. When I call to let them no they offered 2 pizza in place for this. They took my chicken back and gave me a pizza. Told me to call back when I wanted my other one. The chicken cost me 36 and change. When I called for my other pizza I was told that I wouldn't see my other pizza and told to go fuck myself. Real professional I would say. My family and friends order food they but now I will make sure no one does after that. I can't believe how your staff talks to customers. My large pizza wouldnt cost me 36.oo when there was nothing on it. Aug 03, 2012

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AddressWhitey's Pizzeria
151 West St
Simcoe, ON
Phone(519) 428-0700
Rating 0% 1 votes
UpdatedFeb 19th, 2005

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