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6557 Road 38
Verona, ON

(613) 374-2555

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98% Under new management,since September 01/10, Excellent breakfast, wonderful pizzas and cordial staff. Feb 27, 2012
50% Their breakfast is really expensive from what it used to be. Jan 21, 2011
50% After you have waited 20 min for a server to come take you drink orders, make sure everyone asks for two. You'll never get the server to bring you another one, or even offer a refill. People in our party have had to go the the cash register and ask them to send the server back to the table for service/second round of drinks...... Great Food, Horrible service (without a smile).... Jan 21, 2011
100% Great place....we love it Dec 02, 2010

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6557 Road 38
Verona, ON
Phone(613) 374-2555
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UpdatedAug 26th, 2008

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