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3161 Strandherd Drive
Ottawa, ON

(613) 825-8822

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100% This place rocks, food is always great, price is decent, but you get what you pay for. I find the english is just fine and never had issues with my orders, 2 number 4! Definitely 5 on 5. Nov 30, 2012
69% Food is, as always, excellent. The order taker, while her english is not great, is always cheerful and ready to help you (if you come in). A bit on the pricy side, but the food is always fresh and hot. Atmosphere: this is not a sit down restaurant, so N/A Jul 16, 2012
49% Again, they need someone to speak better English! Food was good so what can you say. Jul 13, 2012
50% ordered at 430 for 530 no food at 630 cancelled order very poor english spoken as well .not impressed May 31, 2012
62% Food is good and resonable priced. But the lady who operates the phones and takes orders has dificulty communicating, her english is very poor. Several timeshe has gotten my order wrong Jun 20, 2011
94% Very tasty food, great service excellent prices!! Its one of our faves!! May 06, 2011
39% Ordered the Luncheon Special. The Almond Guy Ding was very bland and there were only 2-3 almonds in this dish. There was a huge portion of fried rice, too much in fact. I would have preferred less rice and more of the main selection. The egg roll was somewhat overcooked. Jan 21, 2011
84% Service was fast and staff were friendly. My wife and I thought we got good value for our money. The spring rolls were HUGE ... but we would have liked them to contain more mushrooms and carrots as they seemed to be 95% cabbage. Nicely spiced. General Tao's chicken was great. Little to no batter and chicken tender and moist. We would definitely return Dec 17, 2010
70% The food is very good although the meat dishes could have more meat. There are always loads of vegetables which is great but I want lots of meat too! The people who work there are very nice but the woman who takes the calls and runs the front cash does not speak English very well. I have a very hard time understanding her and she seems to have a hard time understanding me! She is quite nice but I find it hard to make my order sometimes -- sorry! I will continue to order from here anyways because the food is great. Dec 08, 2010
100% food is good and the people there are friendly. Sep 30, 2010

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AddressChina Star
3161 Strandherd Drive
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 825-8822
Rating 78% 9 votes
UpdatedMay 14th, 2000

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