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Donna's Express
322 Churchill Ave.
Ottawa, ON

(613) 722-9998

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100% Amaazing! Everytime! Live next door and frequent the restaurant due to a new baby! Very accomadating. Oct 08, 2012
35% Poor service turned us off. When we asked about the possibility of getting real maple syrup, we received a lecture about how much the meal would cost, if it were an option. Then when ordering, we got a tapping foot and 'you have more work to do' when I forgot to indicate how I wanted my eggs done. And more foot tapping and hand waving when I didn't realize I was supposed to indicate sausage or bacon. Felt like I was treated as a moron. Won't be back. Syrup or no syrup. May 21, 2012

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3 out of 3 visitors would eat here again

AddressDonna's Express
322 Churchill Ave.
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 722-9998
Rating 100% 3 votes
UpdatedSep 28th, 2006

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