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Pho Mi 108
3825 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON

(613) 596-0760

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100% I was at Koi Asia the week the new owners took over. The previous owner of Pho Mi 108 is still doing a lot of the cooking there. The Vietnamese food is still made by the same owner and same recipes so I am not sure why people are saying it is not the same as before? There are many new added choices. Nov 11, 2012
100% Yes this place closed down, sadly. The new Koi Asia isn't really that good. Does anyone know what happened to Pho Mi 108? Are the owners still in Ottawa with a new restaurant? Oct 02, 2012
80% I am sad to report that Pho Mi 108 no longer seems to exist. The signs haven't changed but if you go inside you will receive a menu from Koi Asia, who are apparently serving fusion Thai/Chinese/Vietnamese cuisine. They still offer many of the same pho choices but there's something just not quite the same. Too bad, because Pho Mi 108 was my favourite west-end pho place. Sep 16, 2012

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AddressPho Mi 108
3825 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 596-0760
Rating 100% 1 votes
UpdatedDec 12th, 2003