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Spencerville Pizza

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Village Pantry
8 Spencer
Spencerville, ON

(613) 658-3029

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100% Would like to see full menu and prices online. Food I have had from here so far has been excellent. Nov 12, 2012
100% Best smelling place on the planet! May 21, 2012
100% The Village Pantry has the best pizza! I'm from Brockville and this is by far the best pizza in the area. It is consistent, good crust, good sauce, good toppings. They also have delicious cinnamon buns. I highly recommend the drive to Spencerville. Apr 25, 2012

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AddressVillage Pantry
8 Spencer
Spencerville, ON
Phone(613) 658-3029
Rating 100% 5 votes
UpdatedMar 11th, 1999

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