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Named after "The Tale of Genji", a landmark in ancient Japanese literature, this is a restaurant that takes its heritage seriously. With Chef Benny Yuen (co-owner) at the helm, Genji is committed to creating exquisite Japanese delicacies, from sushi and sashimi to tempura and teriyaki.

On the catering side, Genji crafts delightful 64-piece sushi and maki party trays.

Open Monday to Friday for Lunch and seven days a week for dinner.

175 Lisgar St
Ottawa, ON

(613) 236-2880

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95% I love this place, I've been to hundreds of sushi restaurants all over Ontario and this is my favorite. The best dish is the Kani Sushi Pizza. HIGHLY recommended! Jun 13, 2010

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80.0% Like

20 out of 25 visitors would eat here again

175 Lisgar St
Ottawa, ON
Phone(613) 236-2880
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Rating 80% 25 votes
UpdatedMar 21st, 1999