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100% Paesani's Caffe
Cosy Italian cafe on Preston Street, near Gladstone Ave. Authentic cooking with the owner's mother cooking in the kitchen. Definitely will stop in again. Cheers,
Jul 23, 2012
69% China Star
Food is, as always, excellent. The order taker, while her english is not great, is always cheerful and ready to help you (if you come in). A bit on the pricy side, but the food is always fresh and hot. Atmosphere: this is not a sit down restaurant, so N/A
Jul 16, 2012
49% China Star
Again, they need someone to speak better English! Food was good so what can you say.
Jul 13, 2012
92% Sushi Kan
lovvvvve it! i moved right next to it!!!
Jul 13, 2012
50% Capilano Pizzeria
bomb asss pizzaaaaa great value and made with passion a+++++++
Jul 11, 2012
99% Fortune Express
Great place for authentic Chinese food without having to go to China town =)
Jul 09, 2012
91% Pho Thi Fusion
I love this restaurant. We had some sashimi (SP), veggie rolls, shrimp rolls and between 4 of us we had a Caesar salad, pad thai, ginger chicken and beef lemon grass. All were piping hot and delicious. The menu has changed a lot and is easier to chose from and the service was great! Clean, peaceful, and priced well. Love it! My fav place for a special night out!
Jul 01, 2012
6% Forno Antico
it looked like they were moving out-large boxes on either side of door entrance. Booming music, no-one anywhere -waited 4 minutes for someone to come up from basement. really dirty-pizza pizza tastes & looks better...Never again! Icky place.
Jun 26, 2012
96% Pho Thi Fusion
I found the place very inviting. The service was decent too. I found the appetizer was very small for the price (2 southwester crunchy rolls, i felt it should have been 4) but the food was phenomenal! I ordered a Pho rare beef, it was a nice large size and very well prepared. Wish there was just a little more noodles though. Overall I would definitely go back to try some of their other foods.
Jun 23, 2012
50% Willy's Pizza
I have found that the manager at Kakulu is so arrogant. I agree that their pizza is good but so us Kanata Tavern and at least there I feel as though I am treated with respect.
Jun 09, 2012